Do you keep seeing 11:11 ? This is what it means

Did you notice that whenever your digital clock or mobile screen strikes 11:11…you catch hold of it…Do you wonder what prompts you to look at the clock just at 11:11? Do you find yourself noticing these repetitive number sequences more and more often?

I am totally one of you…I see 1111 not only on clocks, but on number plates of vehicles, cell phone numbers, likes on social media to the extent that the room numbers in my hotel stays were also 111…and this has happened more than once…I dug further in my own life to find even my house no A-803(A=1, 8+0+3=11)…initially I was curious but then it went on to be creepy…It’s scary to be leered in the face by numbers time and again and being totally clueless about what it means….

The skeptic in me said that this is simply the result of self-suggestion… You get the belief stuck in your head that you’ll see more 11s, so your reticular activating system begins finding them in your environment and bringing them to your conscious attention…. Its Law of attraction in action… The more you notice them…the more they bring themselves to your notice….The other part of me believed…there was more to it…It felt as though the Universe was trying to get across something to me…11:11 felt like an insidious doorway…As though reality’s way of inserting a thought virus through a backdoor of your mind into an objective belief system….

I googled about it ..but internet gave me sugar candies that the skeptic in me didn’t buy an ounce…I then did my own little research that husked numerology concepts specifically Pythogorean(Since I know him since school..:P),wheeled through Tarot to understand the connection between Numerology and Symbology and Iconography…and talked to a few people who didnt think I was nuts when I said these numbers stalk me…

Here are my findings…

1.) Synchronicities

I started making note of what happens before and after I see 11:11…I became more aware of my thoughts, feelings and surroundings when I saw 11:11…And I was pleasantly surprised at the chain of synchronicities….Whatever I thought when I saw 11:11 came to fruition if I acted on it…the events that happened after seeing 11:11 also had some connection with 1,11,111 or 1111…It left me totally amazed…

Numerologically… 11 ,considered as a Master Number symbolizes the potential heighten the human experience into the stratosphere of the highest spiritual perception… the link between the mortal and the immortal… between man and the spirit…Precisely that’s why 11:11 is seen as a vital communication between the man and the Universe/Spirit/God/Higher self…whatever you call it…

Keenly observe your surroundings, people, songs, boards, newspaper headlines, someone blabbering on the radio or any audio in the background,strong smells if you have a sensitive nose…in short anything that catches your attention when you see 11:11…Make a note of the chain of synchronicities that happen when you see 11:11…they will serve as clues or pieces of the jigsaw puzzle of picture painted by your dominant thought…this is effectively nothing but means of non-human communication…You can make it symbiotic by engaging further…

Synchronicities are the Mirror of your dominant thought that the Universe shows you through 11:11 Click To Tweet


2.) Manifestation

In Tarot 1 is the Major Arcana Magician card…The symbology and iconography of this card is huge…For the purpose of this post…it means a powerful manifestor who can magically manifest his desires through the infinite potential of his Mind denoted by the sign of infinity above the magician’s head…When this card comes up in a reading…the person is congratulated …because it signifies his long standing desires to likely get manifested soon…Thus it has a strong connection with manifestation


In Tarot the card 11 is the major arcana Justice card…For the purpose of this post it symbolises..”Reap as you sow”…It again talks of manifestation but with a context…Thus the concept of 11:11 is not limited to numerology but extends to Tarot as well where what they symbolise.. collide…


11:11 is an insidious gateway to manifestation…Stop…and Catch your thoughts while you see 11:11…Positive or negative…whatever the thought be…the probability of the thought turning into reality is way higher when it corresponds with 11:11…It is as though the Universe takes a snapshot of your thoughts at 11:11 and develops it into reality…It’s Universe’s way of telling you..”Beware of what you think ….You are into the Manifestation Zone”

11:11 says...Manifestation of your dominant thought is just round the corner Click To Tweet

3.) Spiritual Awakening

11:11 along with other repetitive number sequences is one of the most common signs of spiritual awakening…It makes you acknowledge a realm beyond your certainties….I can vouch for that…

A lot of people I talked to about this, told me that the realization that faith could be two way and that there is a non-verbal dialogue as well as a prelude to their answered prayers/manifestations created a paradigm shift in their lives…and they started focusing less on the mundane and more on the absolute…

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16 Replies to “Do you keep seeing 11:11 ? This is what it means”

  1. This article provided some insight, I have kept noticing the number 818 on clocks, license plates, etc. Strangely, it is also the date on my birth.

  2. I discovered the young lady was born 11 month, I feel her around me even though I never knew her but I have this oncanny connection to her, as I drive by the accident seen I say a prayer for her and touch my angle medalion I have on my visor.

  3. My daughter started noticing 11:11 in her teens.
    I saw it occasionally.
    Fast forward 5 yrs I’m seeing it all the time! 11:11, 2:22, …
    5 yrs ago I left my husband of 35 yrs. It was the hardest & most courageous thing I did.
    I’m finally learning about who I am instead of what people, kids etc think who I should be. “Normal”
    I’m happy and learning to love myself!
    I do occasionally get lonely & scared. Like what if I can’t pay my rent this month?…

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