5 powerful Abraham Hicks meditations for anxiety, abundance,sleep and general well being

When it comes to understanding the Universal laws and their relationship to our minds, the teachings of Abraham Hicks is definitely one of my big time favourites…Their guided meditations in Esther Hick’s voice do a great deal of benefit for the newbies as well as the intermediates.

I recommend reading their book.Ask and it is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires so that you can connect more to the guided meditations

Here are my go to 5 powerful guided meditations from Abraham Hicks that help deal with anxiety, stress, sleeplessness, promote general and physical well being and address issues of financial blocks.

1.)Morning Meditation

All…I repeat all successful people have a morning routine that contributes hugely to their overall success…Much has been documented about morning routines of successful people and more than handful of them vouch to not live without their daily morning meditation. A guided meditation every morning first thing is like waking up to the world of possibilities , renewed hope and in the faith that today is a new day, a new beginning

This is a beautiful motivating and uplifting guided meditation in Esther Hicks voice…sure to raise your vibrations and energy levels and set your mindset for the upcoming beautiful , bright day

2.)General well being Meditation

Feeling low, disconnected, disillusioned or plain tired mentally? Anxiety, stress and fear overpowering you? Calm down , take a few deep breaths and dive into this meditation.This is an excellent meditation from Abraham Hicks that connects you back to the source and makes you feel great an an extension of the source.

Listen to this Meditation in Esther’s voice in  the morning, anytime of the day whenyou feel heavy or in between two major activities.

3.) Physical Well being Meditation

With the changing and challenging lifestyles, evidently health is what suffers the most. Stress and anxiety further do the damage..More so even in case of mental disorders and imbalances, body image turns out to be number one contributor.

What could be the mindset responsible for a state of dis-ease in the body? Could changing how we feel about our body make a positive difference? It indeed does…

This meditation inscribes on us that our body is merely a physical manifestation of the extension of source and so as within as without.

4.)Financial well being Meditation

All of us have different beliefs about money that makes it the number one conflict of our lives. We all want money but have several limiting beliefs about us not deserving it, that wanting money is selfish or money makes us a bad person or for spiritual growth one should not want money and so on…

This meditation will put you in the right place, mentally and emotionally to release resistance and  receive abundance

5.)Before bedtime Meditation

The time just before sleep is crucial for our overall well being. The conscious mind is less aggressive and the subconscious mind is more open. It is not ideal to think and mull over all the unwanted thoughts of the day or getting anxious about what to do tomorrow.

This is the ideal time to relax, surrender and appreciate the rest you are just going to give your body.

This meditation will soothe you with its relaxing music and put you on the ideal trail of thoughts that you should have before going to sleep


I am regular with these meditations and feel great and light after tuning in to them…Hope they value add to your life as well


How to set Clear Intentions for Manifestation : 5 Powerful Steps …

Intention, Desire Statement, Goal…whatever you call it…Setting Intention is the foundation to the Manifestation process…It’s the blueprint of your desire…To manifest abundance, peace and prosperity in your life…it’s crucial to get comfortable with setting intentions in the premise of the manifestation…

Every Manifestor has a unique way of setting Intentions…You need to practice and tweak what works for you…Listed below are the five most powerful steps of setting Intentions that I gathered from reading loads of Law of attraction  books, fellow Manifestors and tried and tested them myself…

1.) Be Authentic

Meditate on your Desire..Notice how it feels when you visualise the manifestation…Meditating on the desire will help you with clarity around your desire. Meditation will help you be authentic about what you actually want so that you can frame the correct intention and set it. You might confuse the “how” of the desire for “what” you want

.For an example – You wish to be debt free/ travel the world/ buy something expensive….You might think your desire is having/making more money for the same..and hence your intention simply would be – I intend to/make more money…the fact is money is just a way towards the manifestation of these desires not the desire itself…Being authentic , your intention would be I am excited/thrilled/ happy to be debt free/ travel the world/ buy something expensive

Be authentic with your desire..know what you really really want Click To Tweet

2.) Be Specific

Clarity is extremely important…You’ll manifest mixed outcomes if you are not clear about your Intention…Clear Intentions is half the manifestion process done…Imagine yourself ordering a pizza…You just don’t say”pizza” and the pizza of your choice gets delivered…but you specifically tell about the size, base, toppings and customize it to your heart’s content…You get to enjoy the pizza of your choice only when you are clear about what you want and you are specific while placing the order…Similarly while setting an Intention it is extremely essential that you be as clear and specific as possible…

If it is clear in your Mind... it already exists in the ethereal plane Click To Tweet

3.)Write it down

Writing your intentions enables you to be clearer about your desire…Also writing it down singles it out from the rest of the mental chatter that accompanies desires…Make sure you write it like an affirmation and in the present tense….

“I AM” are extremely powerful words as they address directly to your being…if you begin your Intention with I AM, it engages your conscious and subconscious minds together in the process of manifestation…It also anchors the Intention in the Present and to the frequency of fulfillment…

An Intention format that works very well for me is


You can dedicate a beautiful diary to your Intentions .In their book Ask and it is Given ,Abraham Hicks write about a beautiful process for this step called the Creation box…In this process you can make a creation box and fill it with pictures, collectible representing your desires…Get as creative as you can…Enjoying the process of setting the Intention is as important as manifesting the desired outcome…

4.)Affirm… Affirm…Affirm

Affirmation is a short sentence representing your intention in the smallest possible way and as specific as it could get…The smaller the affirmation, the effective it is and easier to repeat as well.An ideal Affirmation should take closest to the emotional outcome of your intention.

For an example – Intention – I successfully manifest a car of my dreams or something better in the divine timing for the highest good of all…Affirmation – I am thrilled/delighted/excited to manifest the car of my dreams

The ideal most affirmation - short, simple, closest to the emotion of the desire and repetition friendly Click To Tweet


5.)Let go

The act of Letting Go is the finial…I cant stress enough on this step…Generally after setting an intention we keep thinking about it and then doubt creeps in, impatience takes over and a resistance is created between you and your desired outcome…Therefore it is essential to let go, surrender and trust the process…Let’s take the example of the pizza in step 1…after ordering it do you obsess over when will it arrive? will it arrive or not? will it be as per my order?…No… you just know that once you have given your order, your job is done…you forget about it and it comes to you…Similarly your desired outcome will come to to you in its own time only when you detach from it…The more emotionally detached you are from the outcome…the sooner the outcome becomes your reality…

The most essential part of manifesting an idea from a thought to reality is the innate knowing that your desired outcome IS going to manifest and there is no other way round….Your job is to make sure your thoughts and feelings amplify this knowing and not act contrary to it…

Take a deep breath…Know that by setting your intention specifically and precisely you have activated the process of manifestation and trust with abundance that your desired outcome will come to you in the right time….

Image Courtsey:www.ettoday.net