How can Your Mind Manifest Your Reality- II (Setting Clear Intentions)

In How can Your Mind Manifest Your Reality -I (The New Belief System) we explored the Belief system needed by the Mind to Consciously Create your Reality…

In part II of this series, we’ll explore in detail the Art of Setting Clear Intentions.Intentions are nothing but our desires, wishes, goals whatever you call it…They are the blueprint of your future life…Why do I call it Art? Because it is one…it involves a delicate balance between being specific and open ended at the same time…

Types of Intentions

Broadly classified…there are 3 types of Intentions –

1.)The Bigger Picture- The Overall blueprint of your broad desire for Life…

For example:

I am living the Life of my dreams as I consistently create Peace, Happiness, Love and Abundance in every aspect of my Life or something better…with ease, elegance and joy for the highest good of all and harm to none


I am a powerful Manifestor of whatever I desire and I consistently Create a Happy,Peaceful,Abundant Reality for myself or something better for the highest good of all and harm to none

2.)The Primary Intentions – Intentions for specific areas of your Life like       Health, Work,Relationships, Money,Spirituality etc.

For example:


I am in perfect physical,mental and emotional health;full of energy and vigor or something better ..for the highest good of all and harm to none


I Create a perfectly healthy Mind and Body for myself or something better…for the highest good of all and harm to none


I Create/Attract work, with ease, elegance and joy;that I enjoy or something better….It motivates and excites me and pays me well;alongside positive, fun, genuine co-workers.It makes me feel fulfilled and empowers me financially for the highest good of all and harm to none.


I Create/Attract job opportunities with ease, elegance and joy;that pay me my worth; are suitably located and offer me flexibility and freedom or something better… for the highest good of all and harm to none.


I am surrounded by genuine,trustworthy,positive friends who make Life much more fun… or something better…for the highest good of all and harm to none


I Create a loving long term relationship with the Man of my dreams with ease, elegance and joy.It makes me feel loved, respected, safe and free or something better……for the highest good of all and harm to none


I am consistently loved, protected, respected and appreciated or something better… by my Parents/Siblings/Partner/Friends/Children…for the highest good of all and harm to none…


I am in a mutual love based relationship with Money where Money loves me and I grow it with ease, elegance, honesty and joy or something better…for the highest good of all and harm to none…


I create opportunities where Money flows to me abundantly or something better…with ease,elegance, honesty and joy for the highest good of all and harm to none…


I am consistently connected to the Source and divinely guided towards my spiritual upliftment or something better…with ease, elegance and peace for the highest good of all and harm to none…


I consistently experience spiritual growth.It makes me feel divinely safe and enlightened or something better…for the highest good of all and harm to none…

The aspects could be more.

3.)The Priority Intentions – The ones those are your priorities in day – to – day life…

These could be related to your routine Intentions as simple as getting a parking spot, clearing the traffic, money for emergencies, reaching on time, safeguarding from people who bring your energy down… etc.

These above are just examples to give a clear understanding of the how a complete intention looks like…You can use them or write your own…

Choice of words

Its imperative that you choose the words that resonate with you.It’s desirable that the Intention be in present tense and reflect the emotional outcome of the desired reality. But what is mandatory here is it has to be believable for you. It has to be believable yet far from your current reality. You will encounter constricted energy like stiffening in the chest, discomfort in the stomach if the Intention is too far fetched to be believed. Whereas,if you have written your intention correctly…you should be feel excitement, nervousness and the drive to go for it…

We all have a tendency to think short term which is again something that needs to be changed in the manifestation process…Make sure the Intention you have written isn’t reflecting your short term benefit which might be temporary…

For example : I Create a raise in my salary…or I get promoted in my company are ignorant Intentions…Why? Because they are short term, not focusing solely on the emotional outcome of the desire that is increased financial freedom and …closed ended…In a way it is like telling the Universe…. even if I what I want is increased financial freedom and even if I deserve much more than a mere raise or promotion, I’ll stick to them because they are the only means of financial freedom known to me as of now. Focus on the “what” not on the “how”

I Create/Attract job opportunities with ease, elegance and joy;that pay me my worth; are suitably located and offer me flexibility and freedom or something better… for the highest good of all and harm to none…This way of writing an intention focuses on exactly what you want, is open ended and doesn’t rule out the possibility of the raise or the promotion.

Closing of the Intentions

You must have observed the “for the highest good of all and harm to none” after every intention above.This is important…Many a times when you write an Intention there is a subconscious belief that your desire would be fulfilled at the expense of someone else or your own self-sabotaging beliefs stand in your way. At times you aren’t 100% sure, your intention would serve you in the long run or not. All such things act as unnecessary roadblocks in your manifestation process. Closing your intention with  “for the highest good of all and harm to none” ensures that your intention is not harming anyone else involved including you…. “Or something better” ensures that you surrender to the Universe or your faith to bring to you that which might slightly differ from the intention but necessarily confirms your highest good.


Allowing Statement

This is a declaration that you are ready and you allow the shift in your reality, surrender to your higher forces and let go of your Intention believing it will manifest in its own sweet way within or beyond your scope of thought…

For example:

I surrender to the Universe/my faith and believe that my intention or something better would manifest in the right time. Thank You


Ways to put your Intentions to work

Energy flows where Attention goes…Adequate Attention to the correctly written intention will make sure that nothing will stand in the way of your Intention getting fulfilled…

To know more about Ways of Setting Intentions see

3 Powerful Steps to Setting Intentions… 


Key Takeaways

  • Spend time with your Intentions. Feel the emotional outcome of your desire as you read through the Intention.
  • Journal your Intentions right from the broad one to the priority ones
  • Make sure they are positively in the present tense and importantly believable.
  • Make sure you write the closing and allowing statement
  • Read them every morning after you wake up and at night before you sleep
  • Make a note of all the resistance that happens when you read them. Write down in a separate section of the journal all that you think will not let your Intention manifest. These are either limiting beliefs or your inner nagging self that in order to protect you from a perceived harm will not let you try anything new…To know more about this see

5 Secrets of Your Conscious Mind You didn’t know

In the Part III of this series, we’ll explore Identifying all types of resistance that can stop your Intentions from being manifested into Reality.



3 Powerful Steps to Setting Intentions…

Intention, Desire Statement, Goal…whatever you call it…Setting Intention is the foundation to the Manifestation process…It’s the blueprint of your desire…It’s crucial to get comfortable with setting intentions in the premise of manifestation…

Every Manifestor has a unique way of setting Intentions…You need to practice and tweak what works for you…Listed below are the three most powerful steps of setting Intentions that I gathered from metaphysics books, fellow Manifestors and tried and tested them myself…

1.) Be Specific

Clarity is extremely important…You’ll manifest mixed outcomes if you are not clear about your Intention…Imagine yourself ordering a pizza…You just dont say”pizza” and the pizza of your choice gets delivered…but you specifically tell about the size, base, toppings and customize it to your heart’s content…You get to enjoy the pizza of your choice only when you are clear about what you want and you are specific while placing the order…Similarly while setting an Intention it is extremely essential that you be as clear and specific as possible…

If it is clear in your Mind... it already exists in the ethereal plane Click To Tweet

2.)Write it down

Writing your intentions enables you to be clearer about your desire…Also writing it down singles it out from the rest of the mental chatter that accompanies desires…Make sure you write it like an affirmation and in the present tense….

“I AM” are extremely powerful words as they address directly to your being…if you begin your Intention with I AM, it engages your conscious and subconscious minds together in the process of manifestation…It also anchors the Intention in the Present and to the frequency of fulfillment…

An Intention format that works very well for me is

I AM SUCCESSFULLY MANIFESTING(Your desire as specific as possible), OR SOMETHING BETTER IN… Click To Tweet

You can dedicate a beautiful diary to your Intentions or write them on slips and put them in a decorated box…Get as creative as you can…Enjoying the process of setting the Intention is as important as manifesting the desired outcome…

3.)Let go

The act of Letting Go is the finial…I cant stress enough on this step…Generally after setting an intention we keep thinking about it and then doubt creeps in, impatience takes over and a resistance is created between you and your desired outcome…Therefore it is essential to let go, surrender and trust the process…Let’s take the example of the pizza in step 1…after ordering it do you obsess over when will it arrive? will it arrive or not? will it be as per my order?…No… you just know that once you have given your order, your job is done…you forget about it and it comes to you…Similarly your desired outcome will come to to you in its own time only when you detach from it…The more emotionally detached you are from the outcome…the sooner the outcome becomes your reality…

The most essential part of manifesting an idea from a thought to reality is the innate knowing that your desired outcome IS going to manifest and there is no other way round….Your job is to make sure your thoughts and feelings amplify this knowing and not act contrary to it…

Take a deep breath…Know that by setting your intention specifically and precisely you have activated the process of manifestation and trust with all your heart and soul that your desired outcome will come to you in the right time….